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Which ‘cold lead’ looked at your valuation over Christmas?

Posted on by Elaine Keep

What happens to your marketing proposals after you hit send?

Make this the year that you know for sure.

Data can tell us some interesting things about client habits, and the fact is – they love revisiting valuations and their accompanying presentations.

If you are still sending printed or email valuations, you are missing out on a wealth of data, and also the ability to stand out.

By going digital you could track more efficiently.

  • Know who opens your marketing proposal and valuation
  • See what pages they read and who they forward it to
  • Gauge their interest – see who’s interested and who’s going cold
  • See if they have viewed or signed your agency agreement
  • Spot if they revisit the proposal after weeks or even months!
  • Get notified to your smartphone – perfect for busy agents on the go

And that’s just the start! You can also add gifs, professional and personalised videos, and customised data for each client, putting you firmly above the competition.

If your resolution is to get a better handle on controlling and managing each market appraisal through to listing, and want to maximise your chances – use Acaboom.


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