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Welcome to Acaboom, Williams Estates

Posted on by Elaine Keep

We wanted to give a warm Acaboom welcome to one of our latest clients, Williams Estates.

With their striking on brand blue and a detailed interactive proposal and market appraisal presentation, their appraisal toolkit from Acaboom is ready to help them win more instructions!

You might have spotted their video at the right-hand corner of their slide. This great feature allows them to embed any video to further engage their audience. It’s a great way to get people to stay viewing the proposal for longer.  Teamed with an ‘Instruct Us Now’ button, it’s designed to get people clicking!

Did you know that Acaboom can provide stats on how long people are viewing – and when? You could have a great success rate at 11pm at night!

If you would like your own market appraisal toolkit, speak to us today.