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Welcome to Acaboom Elliot Leigh

Posted on by Elaine Keep

We are delighted to give a warm Acaboom welcome to Elliot Leigh, who are using Acaboom to win more instructions and give a better customer experience.

Using both presentations at the appraisal and before the appraisal to introduce the valuer and the process, the team and maximising their investment and ensuring that vendors are already engaged in the process before they even meet in person!

As well as on brand professional images of the team and high quality stock imagery showcasing their many services and offerings, the team have also embedded video into their presentations, giving an extra interactive touch.

As customers of Acaboom, the team have access to everything in Acaboom’s market appraisal toolkit, including:

  • Pre appointment presentations
  • Digital presentations
  • Interactive proposals
  • Notifications
  • Lead nurturing

To learn more about Acaboom and see how it can also work for you, please click here for a demonstration.