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Welcome to Acaboom, Denise White

Posted on by Elaine Keep

We are pleased to announce that Denise White has joined Acaboom and is making the most of their new market apprsial toolkit!

Wirh beautiful branding and a recognisable brand name, this was a great presentation and proposal to build for the team and we have worked closely with Denise White to create something that is on brand and ready to win instructions!

Packed with features for the vendors and ways to personalise the proposal, it’s also fully responsive, meaning it can be viewed on any device. This will save agents time and also give vendors an experience that’s unforgettable!

As customers of Acaboom, the team have access to everything in Acaboom’s market appraisal toolkit, including:

  • Pre appointment presentations
  • Digital presentations
  • Interactive proposals
  • Notifications
  • Lead nurturing

To learn more about Acaboom and see how it can also work for you, please click here for a demonstration.