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Welcome to Acaboom, Cobblestone Estates

Posted on by Elaine Keep

We are thrilled to welcome Cobblestone Estates to Acaboom and to present a taste of some of their designs for their presentations and proposals for the market appraisal.

Created with the team at Acaboom, Cobblestone Estates can now use their marketing appraisal toolkit to create and send everything they need to maximise their chance of winning the instruction.

From preparation before the appraisal to the presentation itself, as well as the valuation and follow ups to nurture and support the vendor, it’s all there!



We love the personal touches with real images of the directors, the engaging use of slides that speak toa vendor’s concerns and the addition of a feedback form to speak one on one with clients.

As customers of Acaboom, the team have access to everything in Acaboom’s market appraisal toolkit, including:

  • Pre appointment presentations
  • Digital presentations
  • Interactive proposals
  • Notifications
  • Lead nurturing

To learn more about Acaboom and see how it can also work for you, please click here for a demonstration.