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Welcome to Acaboom, Ashtons!

Posted on by Elaine Keep

We are thrilled that one of our valued customers who has worked with Acaboom for their sales presentations and proposals has now finalised their market appraisal toolkit ready for use by their lettings team.

Using the same great look and feel as their current successful items in their Acaboom toolkit, this new look lettings focused angle will be sure to be a big hit with their team and the lucky people it gets sent to!

We are delighted to give a warm Acaboom welcome to the whole of the lettings team.

As customers of Acaboom, the team have access to everything in Acaboom’s market appraisal toolkit, including:

  • Pre appointment presentations
  • Digital presentations
  • Interactive proposals
  • Notifications
  • Lead nurturing

To learn more about Acaboom and see how it can also work for you, please click here for a demonstration.