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Acaboom release ‘instant reminders’ to increase vendor engagement + reduce cancellations

Posted on by Elaine Keep

As any busy valuer knows, cancellations are a big problem in the world of estate agency. With each market appraisal having a marketing cost of over £200 per appointment, cancellations eat into valuable resources.

But getting better attendance could be as simple as a reminder.

Numerous studies suggest that as many as 80–90% of people have a positive attitude to receiving a reminder that jogs the memory.,,,

Acaboom’s new Instant Reminders focuses on two key areas: 

-Ensuring clients read and engage with their pre appointment presentation, so they are less likely to cancel 

-Ensuring clients also read and review their marketing proposal, so they are more likely to instruct.

With the latest release of Acaboom’s Instant Reminders, non reading clients get a reminder after 2 days that their presentation or proposal is waiting for them.

Often, the intention to review a proposal is delayed not through lack of interest, but simple forgetfulness and a busy life. (Anyone who’s spent an hour writing up the perfect shopping list – only to get to the shop to release they didn’t bring it with them understands how important reminders are!)

Acaboom ensures that agents can serve a professional presentation and marketing proposal – but goes one step further to bettering the valuer’s chances of getting that all important engagement.

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