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A big Acaboom welcome to…Hodsons

Posted on by Elaine Keep

We wanted to extend a warm Acaboom welcome to Hodsons, who have joined Acaboom and created a stunning presentation and proposal from the Acaboom appraisal toolkit!

In their trademark green with accents of white and deep grey, this is a stunning example of using the right colours and images to inspire and delight vendors.

Because it’s responsive, Hodsons can take this presentation to valuations on their tablet, send a proposal from their car afterwards, and the vendor can view on any device, from a laptop to their mobile.

With a built in ‘instruct us now’ button, they can also get the ball rolling when they are in decision making mode, making the chances of winning the instruction that much higher.

As customers of Acaboom, the team have access to everything in Acaboom’s market appraisal toolkit, including:

  • Pre appointment presentations
  • Digital presentations
  • Interactive proposals
  • Notifications
  • Lead nurturing

To learn more about Acaboom and see how it can also work for you, please click here for a demonstration.