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2018’s First Release Includes Some Great New Features

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Exciting, exciting, exciting. There are no other words for it. The first of this year’s releases includes a number of improvements, new features and (ok, maybe not quite so existing) bug fixes.

A sample of what’s been included in this release is shown below.

Text Message Presentation Link
In addition to emailing a presentation to a client, it can now also be sent as a text message that includes a link direct to their presentation.

Automatic Sending of Market Update Reports
You can now keep prospective clients updated of changes in the market that directly affect them without lifting a finger. This market update comes in two forms – price and status changes to comparable properties already in the presentation, and details of new similar properties listed on the market.

Details of Who Opens and Views a Presentation
The system now records who has opened your presentation. So, for example, if a presentation is created for Mr Smith and Miss Jones and emailed to both, there’s clear visibility who has read the presentation and who has not.

Preferred Number
When creating a presentation, users can now identify a telephone number that a client prefers to be contacted on. Not only does this help with follow-up call efficiency but it also allows third party services that convert emails into phone calls to integrate more easily and therefore perform better.