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Acaboom Exhibits at Relocation Agent Network Conference

Acaboom attended the 24th Relocation Agent Network National Conference and Exhibition, as an exhibitor. Held on Friday 17 November 2017, at the Park Plaza Riverbank Hotel in Central London the event has become a calendar highlight for Network estate agents.…

It’s Been a Busy Summer

As well as creating thousands of personalised client presentations (yay) and helping convert valuations-into-instructions (yay again), we have also been squirrelling away behind the scenes to build some awesome new features.

Average Valuer Conversion Rates

Recent research carried out shows the average valuation to instruction conversion ratio for an estate agent is 34 per cent. Agents that performed within the top ten per cent in the country saw that number rise to 51 per cent.

How Long do Potential Home-Sellers Take to Choose an Agent?

A large majority of potential home-sellers take up to 30 days to choose their agent after a valuation, a new study has found.