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Santa’s Secret Has Been Revealed!

Posted on by Elaine Keep


Santa has to visit even more houses than the busiest agents do, all in one day.

So how does he do it?

The truth is, many of the elves are still on furlough. That’s why this year Santa is using the new app, Acaboom In Your Pocket.

Whilst estate agents use it to get notified when a vendor is viewing a marketing proposal, or to download presentations and property data to share at appointments, Santa has been using it for notifications from the naughty and nice list.

He knows that Acaboom CEO Brian Farrell has been a very good boy, although the jury is still out about Suzanna Mavity, Sales Director.

He can get notified directly from his sleigh, with no need to fly back to Gift HQ in between present drops to pick up the right present.

2020 is all about digital delivery. 

He’s thinking he’s going to have wrapped up Christmas by 9.30pm on the 24th, latest, and if the tiers allow, he can pop to the pub for a little brandy and a carrot for Rudolph.

It sounds like a great plan to us.

Santa’s got Acaboom –  now what about you?

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