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Could you be winning instructions during the Queen’s speech? 

Posted on by Elaine Keep

What does Acaboom do

Could you be winning instructions during the Queen’s speech? 

You could if you use Acaboom!  Agents that use Acaboom are winning instructions day and night – and that’s not just a phrase.

Did you know that clients who have been sent a post valuation proposal through Acaboom read it within 50 minutes and click ‘instruct us’ in just 20 hours?

Or that 30% of presentations are read between 6pm and 8am, outside of core hours?

Business doesn’t happen when we think it will, which is why estate agents need a digital presentation and a trackable digital proposal with an instruct us now button to win more business!

Finish the year on a high and book in your demonstration for 2021. Our opening hours through the season are all below!

Monday 21-Dec-20 Normal hours
Tuesday 22-Dec-20 Normal hours
Wednesday 23-Dec-20 Normal hours
Thursday 24-Dec-20 9am – 1pm
Friday 25-Dec-20 Closed
Saturday 26-Dec-20 Closed
Sunday 27-Dec-20 Closed
Monday 28-Dec-20 Closed
Tuesday 29-Dec-20 10 – 4pm
Wednesday 30-Dec-20 10 – 4pm
Thursday 31-Dec-20 10 – 4pm
Friday 01-Jan-21 Closed
Saturday 02-Jan-21 Closed
Sunday 03-Jan-21 Closed
Monday 04-Jan-21 Normal hours

We know you can be even more successful with Acaboom in your arsenal in 2021.

We hope to speak to you then!

Wishing you a safe and very Merry Christmas.

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